Thursday, 20 July 2017

Moving Should Be a Time of Joy; Eliminate Stress with a Proper Moving Plan

Planning a relocation budget can be rather daunting. First, there is the task of crunching numbers. This can be timely due to the consideration of a variety of factors. Secondly, an individual is often left with stress due to inaccurately advertised services and overlooked expenses. In attempt to alleviate stress we have gotten accurate estimated from real movers to aid you in the moving process.

How We Did It…
In attempt to find the most accurate estimates we asked around. We based our estimates on an average move from a one bedroom with no stairs moving 390 cubic feet of furniture. We estimated rates from different areas in the nation. We asked for estimates for the move ranging from a studio to a four bedroom. Rates did not include addition services such as packing or packaging supplies.

This is what we found.

Hourly Rate
When calculating cost by hourly rate we discovered that typically local movers charge $25 per hour for each mover. Typically it takes 3 movers around 6 hours to move a two bedroom. Prices are higher for a cross country move. $3500 is an average for around 5,000 pounds.

It is polite to tip movers. Movers extend much effort properly relocating your beloved items. It is really only socially acceptable to not include a tip when you are dissatisfied with the work of a mover. On average individuals tip between 5%-15%. It is suggested that you tip evenly between movers.

Insurance for moving is not necessary, but it is certainly suggested. When you consider the difference between the cost of insurance and the cost of a damaged item often insurance is much more affordable. Default coverage offers 60cents per pound. Independent insurance is typically $10 per $1,000 of valued goods. The deductible is between $250-$500 on average.

Average Estimates by City
We took our time to research average moving costs by city. This is what we found.

The estimates are New York, New York: $272; Denver, Colorado: @280; Phoenix, Arizona: $ 328; Atlanta, Georgia; $ 348; Miami, Florida: $348; Washington DC: $ 388; Los Angeles, California; $ 395; Houston, Texas: $ 415; Dallas, Texas: $ 420; Chicago, Illinois; $ 429; Boston, Massachusetts: $ 555; San Francisco, California: $ 576.

Average by Room
According to New York City movers average price typically depends on number of rooms. The following are price estimates: a studio room: $176; a small one bedroom: $ 270; a large one bedroom: $ 346; a two bedroom: $ 578; a three bedroom: $ 578; a three bedroom: $774; a four bedroom: $ 1,148.

Moving can be a stressful process; this is especially the case if you are having a difficult time budgeting your move. Hopefully the information about has helped in the process of finding a price for the process of relocation. When you are preparing to move do not forget to include the price of packaging supplies and fuel. These are important factors to include in a budget. The cost of fuel can make a large difference in a budget if you are moving far from your current residence. Budgeting can help alleviate a degree of your moving stress.

Try to have a happy and stress free move!